modern home plans in sri lanka

modern home plans in sri lanka

70 modern bathroom designs for small bathrooms. small bathrooms are a plight to many. at times, it can seem like there is nothingyou can do to make the space more usable. that’s simply not true. there’s always a way to make your spacework better for you. we promise. if you’re ready to throw in the towel onyour bathroom, don’t give up just yet. our small bathroom guide contains the tipsyou need to make that room a favorite. read on below to find out our secrets formaking the most of tight spaces.

1.get creative with the layout when you’re dealing with tight space, it’s important to squeeze every last bit of functionout of the space, even if it means foregoing convention. in this case, your focus should be ensuringthat your small bathroom meets your needs, rather than worrying about how it will appearto the outside world. 2.think vertical if there’s one tried-and-true rule to space-saving, it’s to never discount the value of designingvertically.

when you don’t have as much horizontal spaceto work with as you like, thinking vertically is a way to ensure the space remains usable. as an added bonus, vertical lines can trickthe eye into believing a room is bigger than it initially seems. other choices, such as adding a vertical mirroror wall hanging, can achieve the same goal. at the end of the day, you just want to ensurethat as much of the space is being seen as possible. 3.put storage everywhere this tip may seem a bit self-explanatory,

but it’s so crucial to your success. there’s no question you need somewhere toput all your belongings, especially after inhabiting the space for a while. do yourself a favor and plan for the inevitableby including storage options wherever possible. 4.embrace minimalism last but not least, small bathrooms seem tailor-made for the minimalist look. why not make the lack of space seem like aconscious decision by keeping the items inside to the bare minimum.

as always, the extra negative space will onlyserve to highlight the items you do choose to include in your design.

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